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High Technology PBX System
We offer you safely and latest technology with our PBX (intern and external) world wide calling and communication system. Easy to use and low rates other than PBX Systems. We can give you good high quality system with complete package.
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Residential VoIP
Residential VoIP offers for end users
A low-cost calls via broadband connection.
Prepaid and post pay offers are available in Yellow Network Inc. and calls are made
through a range of VoIP devices including
VoIP phones and ATA's, smart phone
(ipad, iPhone etc.)soft phone and from pc.

For further information regarding PBX and VoIP please contact our Sales department

VoIP end user
A to Z price list with all countries, prefix
 include and we offer you 2 favorite
countries  50% discounted price.

SMS Services
We glad to tell you that our SMS services are
easy and low price to send messages all over
the world. You don’t need to install some
software to your PC or hand device.It based
to web portal; Compatible with any PC,
hand device who can connect their devices to
internet. Especially our web portal support for
iPhone, iPad and more other devices.

Voice mail
All our clients can have voice mail but
this function is optional. You can activate
your voice mail and receive to your e mail.
If you want to have voice mail please
contact us  to
We give you easy way to check your voice
mail over 64 countries and long distance
access number.

Auto Dialer
Yellow Network auto dialer can call an
array of numbers automatically. When they
are answered, it plays back a prerecorded
message to the receiving end of the call.
Usually it is used to send notifications,
reminders, product sale campaign calls,
interactive polls or surveys. For more information please contact us

Promotions for new reseller and
We can give you also free reseller program.
Reseller can manage her/his clients and
change price list and more. About payment
our reseller can have their own payment
gateway. Usually we offer pay pal payment

VoIP wholesale
We offer you A to Z terminations, direct
routers and with CLI routers. You can see all
price list and more information on client
login profile with high security login system.

Calling card
We sell high quality with good price calling
card including for 64 countries.
Every country have local access number
you can buy all calling card online in our
website. All calls you made you can see
real time on our site and you can reload
same card with online payment.

Call shop
We offer you CALL SHOP program
who  want to open or use a phone center.
It completely web based system.You can manage easy way,  print bill, prepaid
system and post pay. Can change client
price and more options in our call shop
program. Activation is free with max 4
phone cabins. If you wan tmore cabin
please contact us at